We will enable you to

– Have a single view of enterprise data
– Establish a data driven ecosystem for decision making
– Innovate by combining data and emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain and RPA

Usecase Identification

We will work with your key stakeholders to identify the right use cases for unlocking the potential of your data. We use a combination of immersive analysis and kick-starter toolkits to identify high-impact areas for action. Prioritising use cases, coming up with the business cases, helping you plan and realise them are all activities where we will partner with you!

Feasibility Analysis

After the use cases have been identified, we help you conduct feasibility analysis of the solution using our Idea validation process in the data innovation lab. During the process we execute a Proof of Concept (PoC), demonstrate possibilities and enable evangelizing the solution within the extended stakeholder community.



Setting up right data infrastructure is critical. Our team of SMEs not only help you identify the right technology roadmap to execute your business goals, they also help you build the technology platform that can scale to accommodate the evolving data needs (internal data, external data, unstructured data, social data, geo-data, events data) and realise aspirations.


Our algorithms can help you discover the patterns in the underlying data by combining data from different sources and testing them against decision models. Algorithms help you make meaningful predictions on the subject matter – be it in Healthcare, Retail, Banking or Manufacturing. Our Data platform can integrate with third party algorithms and by inviting collaborators, we are creating an enterprise ecosystems with the best of algorithms that add tremendous value while generating insights faster than you can ‘data’!


Integration of data insights creates a reinforcement loop for the business systems to become more intelligent and, thus enable more effective decisions. Upstream integrations are built for integrating the business systems into the data platform, so that data can be ingested into the data platform seamlessly. Similarly, we enable downstream integrations so that data insights generated by using the tools in the data platform can be consumed by the business systems for well devised solutions backed by data. Our integrations are enabled using multiple protocols be it API based integrations, file based integrations or database integrations.


VitalChain enables the business users to visualise their data in a simplistic form. Our managed data platform comes built with the most commonly used dashboards that serve 80% of the reporting needs of the business community. We also enable custom reports creation that are intuitive, template-driven and as simple as just dragging and dropping the needed fields! Trends, forecasts, compositions and comparisons – all at the click of a button!