Let us help you change your perspective of data and truly realise its potential


What could a team of Digital enthusiasts, CxOs, Serial Entrepreneurs, CX experts and Techies possibly have in common?

A love for data and a passion to ensure that the true potential of data is acknowledged, enhanced and realised! VitalChain is the result of such a team coming together, to transform the way organisations use and benefit from data.

The results are going to be amazing – we will let the data converse for itself! More about us when we get in touch!

Our Philosophy

Data is at the heart of every business. Data is no longer an enabler, rather it is the driver of all decisions, actions and business strategies. Along with the tremendous amount of data, we believe that there are multiple opportunities that are now coming to the fore from the new connected ecosystems (led by the Internet of Things (IoT), Distributed Ledgers and Cloud).

As a company we are focused on harnessing the combined power of Data, Information Sciences and Ecosystems. Data driven transformations, smarter decisions and technology based leadership will be the order of the day!

Our View

  • User Friendly: From insights to data operations – user experience and simplicity is the key to engage better with data
  • Connected: There are no silos and each byte of data has relations and references to be respected and utilized
  • Hierarchical: Getting into details will be just a click away with clearly defined data hierarchies
  • Intelligent: Every byte has stories to tell – all we need is to visualize and report appropriately
  • Available: Data and insights should be available on all devices, when needed, and in the right format
  • Secure: With secure storage and data encryption, you should be assured of data safety
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Our Focus

Data should be streamlined, accessible and insightful, a single source of truth. The problems we share include,

  • Scattered Data Analytics tools and expertise across the organization
  • Inability to link Business scenarios and Analytical capabilities
  • Complicated data solutions that users do not appreciate 
  • Inability to measure value/realize ROI from data initiatives
  • Lack of a company-wide vision and strategy for Data Analytics
  • Need for a single view of data – across people, products, services and functions
  • Inability to benefit from the dynamic technology landscape – AI/IoT/BlockChain/RPA