The RIGHT Data Platform for your Enterprise, that will enable integration, insights & intelligence!


For realizing maximum value from your data, we will help you setup your data infrastructure. Your platform will be powerful, scalable and made for high-performance. Getting your enterprise data together, enabling 3rd party integrations and utilizing a single view of data will be the benefits to be realized. The platform can be built using your technology preferences or can be fully deployed over the managed data platform infrastructure hosted by VitalChain.


Data platform is built keeping the ease of use as the top priority. The platform allows the business users to mine their data in the most simplistic manner. It has been designed with a simple user interface that is easy to navigate while hiding the complexity of underlying layers of data ingestion, data cleansing, data management and data preparation. It provides toolkits to the business users for predictive analysis, to deduce the trends, to unearth hidden insights or simply use data visualization on dashboards and reports.


Data platform enables integration with enterprise eco-systems and allows the users to consume data from different sources. It can ingest relational data coming from core ERP/CRM/HR and other systems. It can also consume real time data coming from IoT devices, social feeds and image feeds.

Insights from such data is instantaneous and enable decision making that is fast, data-driven and real-time.


The aim of the platform is to enable the data, information and knowledge which the company has, to make business decisions. Every individual should have access to the data that he needs, when he needs it and in the format that it is needed. This is what we believe is the true form of data democratisation.

The platform allows every element of the business to consume data whenever it needs to and in the form that it is comfortable with.